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Demetri the Bikefitter Has Moved to NW Portland

February 3, 2011

When you aren’t dancing – or just thinking about places to dance instead – you should be riding your bike around town. Or to a dance. I know in Portland they get together in the Pearl and ride out to Tango Berretin on Foster.

Anyway, someone stole my bike . . . so come this spring – or sooner – I plan on buying a new bike. I am told by my neighbor and everyone that rides bikes seriously–I don’t–that I should go to Veloce Bicycles and get Demetri Macrigeani to measure me for a bike size before I purchase a bike. Turns out he doesn’t own Veloce Bicycles anymore.  But Demetri of Veloce has moved to NW Portland and set up his own bicycle fitting shop.  This new bike fitting shop is called Europa Velo.  I guess Demetri fits bikes and nothing else. I am told that Demetri is one of the best bike fitters in Portland, Oregon

So after emailing him I set up an appointment to go see him.  For a pre-purchase fitting.  Demetri the bike fitter knows that I am a bike slob and just going to buy something like an Urban-Express from KHS or some other similar under $1000 hybrid.

So if you are looking for Bike Fitting in Portland, Oregon. Demetri is available to measure you for a bicycle purchase or to make your current bicycle fit better.

Demetri’s contact info and location is (as of 2011):

Europa Velo
1836 NW Overton St.
Portland, OR.

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  1. Barb permalink

    Okay – you left your last post a long time ago and now it’s 2012 and I want to find a place to dance. Any good ones for that complex (senior) crowd? Have you ever tried Zydeco at the PPAA? I’m considering it for Wednesday.

  2. Yes PPAA is good place for complex seniors.
    I have more blog posts, haven’t uploaded them, busing making super new improvements to lazydancer and portland dancing.
    Most of the Ballroom ones are our age parameters too.
    Contra and the folk dances have plenty complex people, with quick easy startup lesson.

    • Barb permalink

      Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll try it out this Wednesday and see how it goes. This spring, my bike too will come off the garage hooks. Thanks for your blog.

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