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Age and Dancer Appeal . . . or NOT

May 19, 2010

Ban-Dance Observer Job
from Popular Science Magazine
(The 10 Worst Jobs In Science)

Findings suggest that young women rate the dancing of middle-aged men less attractive than the dance moves of younger men, perhaps an evolutionary trait that discourages women from choosing older mates — middle-aged men tend to use big, uncoordinated movements , and women typically find complex movement most attractive. But don’t lose hope. Above age 60, men dance with more complexity. They also exhibit their highest dance confidence at that age. No wonder grandpa thinks he works it so good. It’s no chore to watch supermodels shake it in a nightclub.

Put Peter J. Lovatt, a former professional dancer and a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in England, must examine the often unflattering gyrations of everyone from preteens to the elderly in search of the influences and motivations behind human dancing. Lovatt and his team record videos of the dancers and then quantify their groove thang using a special movement-analysis technique and software. Other times, observers rate traits such as the overall attractiveness of the dancer’s movements on video, or the observers wear a visor that tracks what elements of the dancer they are looking at.


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