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The New Hostel Seattle

August 15, 2009

So I come up to Seattle once a month. New people, new dances, different music, trying to get a picture of every dance event in the area. I’ve got a picture of every Elks, Eagles, Moose Lodge, school, church, community center, park, bookstore with dance floor, street dance, boat cruise, random location . . .  where there is a dance event, I want a photo of it. If you don’t see a picture hooked to the dance event, send me one maybe ask first, straight off the camera, 3 megapixels is good. Send to website (email us).

When in Seattle I like to stay at the Hostel Seattle run by Lee and Nancy (truly very cool people) — and it was a surprise to me that they are moving downtown to the Bell District (between Space Needle and Pike Street Market) ::  2327 2nd Ave Seattle, WA

Here is the outside the night of the art show.


Anyway,  they came up with a great idea to promote the new location which now has 120 beds compared to the 30 the old location had. I like both locations.


The old one  was on the ocean with a great view . . .  you tell me


The old location was not the best location for all the young travelers that come through but it is on the ocean, right there next to Ballard where the Seattle based boats in The Dangerous Catch TV show come by. I might go on the Dangerous Catch Harbor Tour if I get the time and quit trying to get more blogs up and running. The closest dancing was the Tractor Tavern which has a great Square(Neo) dance on Mondays. The new one is right in the center of the *action* for dancers, folk life, artists, ferry boat riders. Ferry riders (no boats)  have to go a little higher on the digits, I think somewhere around 13th and Pine/Pike or so, har har . . . ouch, who kicked me?

Ok, back to the promotion and great enhancement for a hostel. They had local artists come in and paint the rooms with their artwork, then they held an art show and let everyone go through the rooms. I think this was a part of a bigger “art night” in that area. I like the area, will bring my bicycle for NW FolkLife Festival and ride there and back and around the area.Here are some pictures of the room art, not going to sort or format, just one big slew of pictures of the walls of rooms that you might stay in. Right there on your bedroom wall. Great idea, and I’m not being paid to say this. I love it when I run into something that is smarter than me.

The rooms

Seattle_Hostel_Room1Seattle_Hostel_Room2 Seattle_Hostel_Room3 Seattle_Hostel_Room4 Seattle_Hostel_Room5

Seattle_Hostel_Room6 Seattle_Hostel_Room7 Seattle_Hostel_Room8 Seattle_Hostel_Room9 Seattle_Hostel_Room10 Seattle_Hostel_Room11 Seattle_Hostel_Room12 Seattle_Hostel_Room13 Seattle_Hostel_Room14 Seattle_Hostel_Room15 Seattle_Hostel_Room17

Kids these days can spend a whole day without getting out of bed. Wish I could afford a Mactop


After the art show I booked it over to the 3r Place Commons Bookstore in Bellvue to take a picture of the



and then the inside


then to Sonny Newmans’ 2nd Friday Waltz Night in Greenwood District


then down to the Chong-Wa Society


for The Seattle Social Club Dance


Ron Bolin taught a beginning Lindy Hop lesson that night at the ChongWa.  I would love to have Ron post his dance events on He has great dances, especially for single people, but they are really hard to keep track off. I think he has about 15 people helping him and his Seattle Dance Information website/emaillist/newsletter. oh well.   Alas, I have a fear that Ron is like the other “communities” et al : everyone has a website, their website (though incomplete) is the final word. Kinda like business cards or your own shiny new kitchen. There is  “sense of community” and there is “community”.  Oh well, hope I’m not just as guilty.  Don’t have time to look. You tell me. I try not to upset the dance instructors that really are the backbone to the whole institution of social dancing. Without them and the money they lose on promoting dancing events, we would be stuck in a bar doing the boogaloo with Hee Haw shoulders and all that. Hey! Wait a minute! What’s wrong with that! Nothing, actually, it’s very democratic for anyone in the world to have a chance to dance, drunk, like no one is watching.  . .

On the way back to bed I hit the Highliner on Fishermans Terminal to get an inside picture of the dance floor


the Highliner hosts a slew of good Cajun/Zydeco dances, I caught the tail end of just a Vanilla Dance going through its ending stages. . .  2 drunk women dancing together after everyone has left.

I should be blogging every day. Don’t know, but I like reading them if no one else does. They look like someone else wrote them a couple days/weeks/months later. Big head, or something.

If someone knows of a better blog host, I’d like to know. I just spent 8 hours using this WordPress contraption. Wordmess. It shouldn’t be that difficult. That is why is popular. It does something quick and easy.


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