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Waterfront Blues Festival–Lots of Zydeco and Swing Dancing

July 9, 2007

Well, the Waterfront Blues Festival came and went this last week. It was a long one, from July 4th (Wednesday) to July 8th (Sunday). All the dancing started Friday night for me when the AE stage had two Zydeco bands playing back to back. Then Saturday, it was Zydeco all day long on the AE stage. There was a big dance floor off to the side of the stage and it saw a lot of use and a lot of happy people. Sunday was good too. Swing bands started playing at 4pm and didn’t stop until the place closed down with the Linda Hornbucke Band. A highlite of Sunday was Karmen of the Rhumba Bums let me babysit her 8-month old baby. Lucky, I had a little help from Sus Gutz, a favorite dancing pal of mine (she has had experience with kids and grand kids). I only have one daughter, and she is off in New York. Brings back memories. Diapers are still no fun, heh heh.

Usually at the Blues Festival is when I run into people that use my website, I get a lot of unexpected compliments and it’s harder than heck to dance with such a big head. I really don’t advertise my involvement with my website but I guess word gets around. Paul Ciri told me at the Zydeco brunch that it’s his “daily bible”. Holy cow! And he doesn’t even know what the pulldowns or for! Maybe I’ll make a help file.  Time permitting. Heading off to Trek across Glacier National Park with 7 other people starting July 12 -20.

I guess I should blog about the Blues Festival before it happens, not afterward. Same thing for Folklife. These are 2 of my favorite summer dance events, spaning whole weekends and attended by a cajillian people. Oh well, stay tuned, I will try better.
May your heels sparkle like diamonds, may you always have a dance partner, and may the good times outweigh the bad.


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