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Northwest Folklife

May 30, 2007

Just got back from the International Folklife Festival in Seattle. They take over the whole Seattle Center (space needle) and there are 2 stages where they have dancing 12 hours a day, 4 days in a row. That is just a piece of what is happening. You can see the schedules for this year at They are still there for your perusal and I can’t event start to describe the number of dances they offer. Participational and instructional. And, low and behold, there amongst the Balkan, Irish, Contra, Scandadavian, Brazilian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese dancing are healthy amounts (6-8 hour blocks) of Waltz, Swing, Tango, Ballroom, Cajun, Zydeco whew. Mark your calendars: Memorial Day Weekend you should be in Seattle, in a motel, walking over to Folklife. (Memorial Day is the last Monday in May–make your reservations now, you can always cancel).

If you are into dancing any way you can, any style you can, with 100s of people, sometime 1000s, then Folk Life is for you. The secret is to rent a motel close by and just park for the weekend and walk over there. It opens at 11am and closes at 11pm. If that is not enough for you, then you can go “off campus” and dance Cuban Salsa at Mojitos down the street. Or. . . .Camp Jitterbug is happening that weekend and it is full of stuff including all-night Lindy Hop dances for $5.

You can google Camp Jitterbug, motels around Seattle Center. I am in a hurry to write this blog and then go back to work. And, never fear, I am going to blog about the secret dance step that covers 50% (or more!) of all dancing. Then I will write about the secret dance step that covers the other 48%. Then I will write about the secret dance step that takes care of that rascal 2% that seems to bite you when least expected. You will need a collaborator to use these steps. The world is full of “perfect” dancers, but remember you didn’t hear it here first: DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!!

Until then,
John A. Davis
Lazy Dancer


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