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Frame Frame Frame Shame Shame Shame

May 10, 2007

Frame is the biggest thing you can concentrate on as a beginner or intermediate dancer. Heck, you don’t even have to be a dancer to get better at dancing if you work on your frame. Martin Roe used to tell people to practice frame by holding a chair out in front of them.

I forgot the lady’s last name but she was one of Frankie Manning’s recent partners. She came out from New York to teach a workshop here in Portland, OR and she said that in New York if your frame is too rigid and extended they call you “virtuous” and if you collapse your frame, they call you a “whore” (kids, cover that word with your hand and don’t look at it!).

The point about frame is to never collapse it. Doesn’t matter how far in front you hold things, or how stiff you hold your partner–all that matters is not collapsing your frame. To the really naive, this means don’t let your elbow go behind your back, always keep it in front. After you have mastered a stiff, over exaggerated frame, then start working on the subtleties of connection; the linkage; the language between partners that discusses where to go next. For now, speak in rudimentary concepts: Dick moves Jane. Jane moves. Jane collapses frame, destroys Dick’s control. Jane wants to be on top. Jane and Dick are 2 odd shaped pieces in the puzzle that fit pretty good because Dick lets Jane collapse frame and doesn’t complain. Dick is a wimp. Dick is just happy to have anyone dance with him.

You really don’t need to know any footwork. Just stay balanced and keep your frame and move as a unit.

shame shame shame you collapsed your frame frame frame

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