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Orbiting And The Face Off On Four In The Lindy Hop

May 6, 2007

Another Way of Facing Off on Four         One Way of Facing Off On Four

There are so many theories about the Lindy Hop Basic Step and on what count one does what, and what count to compress with your partner and what count to release. Where to hold the back, where to start the switches, yada yada. I can boil this down to 2 things: making sure you face off on the four count: one-two-three-and-FOUR-five-six-seven-and-eight, and just orbiting however you do it. (Remember in the Lindy Hop you are turned 180 degrees in the other direction on the 4th beat.)

You can study all the theories on this subject and you’d find that they all add up to one thing: you either orbit or you don’t orbit your partner. There are so many religious beliefs about the perfect basic and this both protects the idiom but also narrows it.

The common understanding between partners to orbit any way possible is just another symptom of how to make the big picture work in marriage and life. You either orbit or you don’t or you are working on orbiting. This last category is where dancers spend thousands of dollars being told they are “doing it” wrong. Sometimes you don’t have to spend a red cent to get that glare from your partner that you are not_dancing_lindy_the_way_the_bible_said.

Now, it is going to take both lead and follow do agree to the concept that all energy should be put into making the orbit at any expense to counts and feet position (all energy after frame is taken care of, that is). Many tourists and happy_go_lucky dancers already have agreed the second they step on the dance floor. These are my favorite type of dancers. Beware of the “Minuet Lindy Hoppers”. They are convinced that there is only one perfect way to do the Basic. They usually flock together and are in constant fear that they might run into the terrible experience of dancing for 3 minutes with someone that just_doesn’t_get_it.

You either face off on four or you don’t. You either orbit or you don’t. Planets are different sizes and running at different momentums. They still orbit.


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