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High Speed Internet Is Run By Con Artists

April 30, 2007

I phone QWest for DSL because I see their ads for super deals. Well, it turns out I can get 5-7mbps for almost nothing. Then, all of a sudden, they say I have to pay $10 for internet(what? DSL isn’t internet? . . .no, it’s just the speed, they say). Then I say, what are your POP and SMTP sever IP’s? They say, oh we don’t have those, you have to get a business hookup for $100 a month (thank god for gmail’s POP servers). Then I say, I want the deal for the lifetime that is $27.99 and they say: oh, you have to buy the package of 3 (phone, tv, DSL) and you have to use Microsoft for your ISP. It just goes and goes. They use semantics to change what everyone thinks the internet is and they parse it out to get more money. The ads on TV and elsewhere are a bait and switch. Plus, I have never gotten over 1.5mbps downloads even though I’m paying for 5-7mbps. I know Comcast is more expensive, but I’m heading there. Idiots at Qwest can’t even speak English. So I’m trying to use Hamachi and RAdmin to login remotely and the browser is choking when I try to connect to the modem to configure it. 2 hours of “dialogue” later where I had a Qwest cowboy trying to hook up my computer using the USB port, disabling all my extra software, on and on, I find out that my BitDefender spyware detector was keeping my browser from connecting to the modem. They should have known this for all the money they make and the size of their operation. What really burns me is their “jack my price up” TV ads against Comcast. Waiting to see how miserable I will be with Comcast. High speed internet is really a monopoly out there run by 3 companies that really aren’t doing anyone a favor but themselves. Hopeless


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