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Dancing Shoe Soles, Chrome Suede

April 3, 2007

You are really going to beat up your knees and hips by dancing in those cross-trainers. If you plan to dance more than once in your life, take those shoes to your nearest shoe repair guy and ask him to put some “chrome suede” leather on the bottom. I think the name has to do with either the color (gray) or the way the suede is tanned. You can also buy chrome suede in bulk from The Oregon Leather Company and you can glue it on with Barge Cement. I think Oregon Leather also sells Barge Cement. All shoe repair shops use Barge Cement. It holds very strong, takes a while to dry, but can be removed with a little effort. Trace your shoe on the suede, glue both surfaces, and stick them together and use a one edged razor to trim. Your cross trainers or whatever comfortable shoes you are dancing in might have an irregular bottom to glue the suede to. The shoe repair guy can grind that down flat in a heart beat.

Chrome suede allows the dancing to have a grip yet spin and turn effortlessly. Most dance shoes come with it already applied. Some people are sold on Dansneakers to dance in but they are rubber soled (I think for Ballet dancers). My girlfriend had me put on some chrome suede on the bottom and fell in love with the way it helped her dancing.

I personally think Dansneakers look corny to dance in. Kinda like half man half goat lookingSatyr

 I myself like to dance in vintage 40’s Lindy Hop shoes that have smooth leather on both the sole and heal. I like heel sliding  ala Leon James in movie II of The Spirit Moves and these are the only shoes made that can do this.
Leon James Of The Savoy Ballroom I’m not half as good as Leon. Not even a 10th. Not even a 100th.

Some people might find these smooth leather soled shoes too slippery, but if that is a problem, just go outside and walk on the pavement with them for a while. Or course, most dancers would consider that a blasphemy. And Chrome Suede shoes DEFINITELY will go bad very quick if you use them anywhere but the dance floor. So . . . that being said. . . .get your soles fixed . . . . and get your shoe bag . . . and get out there, you Lazy Dancer!


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