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Tango Like No One Is Watching

April 2, 2007

Today’s blog is by Polly McBride of Paradise Studios. Since I’ve been comparing dancing and skiing lately, I figure I’ll post her comparisons of Tango and Romance.


We consider our partner’s pleasure and comfort before our own.

We pay close attention to each other’s responses.

We send and receive silent messages.

We nurture joy in the journey as well as in the destination.

We ask for feedback and take it seriously.

We create magic, mush and all things between.

We are united in spirit as well and mind and body.

We pause to savor.

We share humor that ranges from silly to subtle to sublime.

We forgive easily and accept responsibility for our missteps.

We invite rather than obligate.

We earn each other’s trust.

We share triumphs, disappointments and intimacy.

We allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

We experience emotions that enrich our soul.

We respect and enjoy our partner’s uniqueness.

We never openly compare our partner to others.

We tend carefully to hygiene.

We continually adjust and adapt for each other.

We compliment and complement.

We become as one.

From the book,

Tango With Mars and Venus

Polly McBride


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