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Keep Moving, Dancer and Skier!

March 29, 2007

My Father With My Grandfather And Lindberg In Panama

An airplane that stalls essentially is flying so slow that the wings can’t create any lift. To get out of a stall, the airplane drops it’s nose and speeds up until it is flying again.

Me Flying My Hanglider In Roseburg, Oregon

I used to be a hanglider pilot and stalling on take off or just above the ground was deadly because you didn’t have enough room to pick up speed and resume flying. You could try to loop your glider with no problem if you were high enough off the ground to recover from a stall (and your spars were re-enforced in case you got turned upside down).

Getting Flipped Upside Down in a Hanglider and Losing My Parachute!

The same thing is true with skiing. If you have no speed, you have no ability to control your skis. The edges don’t work. It is important, when skiing steeper slopes, to aim your skis downhill if you start to lose control. You need just enough extra speed to be able to steer your skis again. This is a very generalized explanaion for the purpose of illustration.

The same concept is true for many forms of dancing. Just keep moving! A lead has a hard enough time pushing a follow around and thinking ahead of the beat. If a follow is just a dead weight, waiting to be pushed around, it will never happen. There isn’t enough energy to start a follow from zero in time to reach the beat. But if a follow is rolling around on wheels, has their momentum loaded up, and is sensitive enough to the lead’s input,  2 things happen: connection and dancing (it even looks like dancing!). So keep moving, precise movements are less important than the dynamics of energy and time and space. (I think this makes sense).

So, to be a good and Lazy Dancer, just keep moving!


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