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Dancing Is Cheap, Skiing Can Be Sometimes

March 23, 2007

Right now, if I go to, I can filter by Free for dance events this week and return about 16 dance events that are free. 2 Balkan, 1 Cajun/Zydeco, 2 Country, 2 Irish, 2 Misc/Variety, 3 Salsa (free with drink purchase), 2 Scandinavian, 1 Swing /Lindy Hop, and 1 Waltz. If I don’t search on free, I probably will return 30+ dance events that are under $6. Now, this is pretty cheap. You can go out on the town and for the price of admission get a drop-in lesson for free and get to dance with 100+ other people like your self. Maybe that is why social dancing is coming back into style. It’s cheap, cheap enough that you can leave early if you are having one of those “days”. It’s also very social and very non-committal. Speed dating, or speed exercise, or just somewhere to go to watch or to dance. Another nice thing is that most social dancers don’t drink or smoke. We’re talking partner dancing right? With the whole frame thing. There is social dancing that you just stand around in a bar, get drunk, and wiggle. There is a place for that, but for me, it was a past lifetime. Don’t want to pay for private lesssons? Just go to a bunch of dances early enough to get the free drop-in lesson. Usually aimed at beginners, everyone rotates so you meet everyone at your level, and they vary enough day to day that you can pick up a good understanding how to dance that style. Then, also, you’ve just danced with beginners like yourself that are more than willing to dance with you now when the music starts after the lesson.

 Now, I just bought a “spring season” ticket for $99 at Mt. Hood Meadows. I’ve already used it twice, am going to use it this weekend, so I am coming in at $25 for a whole day of skiing. If they stay open as advertised until April 22, that is going to amortize into some very cheap skiing! Normally day tickets are $50+, by the way. Now to pray for snow, haha, in March/April. It could happen. Again, why do I ski? It’s like dancing the Lindy Hop Zydeco to a fast slide guitar solo in a boogie woogie song. And with proper attention spent on deals, I can get in a pretty good season for less than what it costs to go to an evening movie with popcorn (around here).

If you have a city you would like listed on LazyDancer drop us an email and we will add you to the list. Right now, we are under growth pains and figuring out how to make LazyDancer run itself. Huge task, with lots of programming still to go. Anyway, support this Global Social Dance Community that is run by non-professional dancers. We are going to start accepting $1.50 donations (you heard that right, no more, no less). This money will be divided between the list “custodians”. Or “Not-So-Lazy-Dancers”.

Just Wanna Dance
And remember, any suggestions, comments, or advice is always welcome!


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