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Signing up for WordPress is a little clunky

March 14, 2007

this is my first blog with WordPress. I thought i would sign up for their free account and find out more about them. The inputs and questions could be a little slicker. Also, it took a little while how to figure out how to get to this point, all the time reading about how easy it was. Sounds like a lot of wrapper with the wrong words on it about what is inside. Oh well. What can you complain about “free”? A lot of dance websites are the same way. Lots of “well do this, we do that” and lots of peacock feathers, but most people want to get to the info. That was my primary drive to creating It’s just a list. It’s predecessor was/is, where I live and dance, and where a day doesn’t go by that someone stops me at a dance or emails me and tells me how useful my website is. “Where can I go dancing?” . . . .that is the question my website(s) answer.

 I’ve got lots of plans in the works for but I hesitate to share them here because of all the “me too” action I see around the Portland, OR area when I think up something.


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